Star Wars: Wampa 12 inch Jumbo Kenner Figure

Star Wars: Wampa 12 inch Jumbo Kenner Figure

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871810010387 (EAN-13)

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Just like they were when you were a kid, only BIGGER! Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the latest addition to our of vintage Kenner-Inspired Star Wars Action Figure reproductions with the release of the WAMPA! Digitally scanned from a mint 6” original, the Wampa Jumbo Vintage Figure stands at a staggering 22” tall, and features swinging arm action, just like the figure that inspired it! With a commitment to keep in line with the vintage theme, this limited edition collectable comes in Empire Strikes Back-inspired vintage style packaging featuring original photos and artwork. *Luke in Hoth gear is sold separately.

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Fecha de lanzamiento

Miércoles, 14 Enero 2015