Harlock (Ref.)

Estado: NUEVOLANZAMIENTO 01/10/2021
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Peso: 7000 gramos

For this statue we went for a memorable scene of the anime in which Harlock goes to the Amazon where he is quickly attacked by the Mazone. The base represents the tropical jungle with snow on the ground, the cold being the only way to take the Mazone out. The base is teeming with details, plants, lianas, bark and of course Harlock's foes being transformed in their tree-like appearance. Albator stands in the center of the statue, his gun at the ready, prepared to face the enemies around him. The peculiar proportions of the character are respected, he is longy while remaining so charismatic. The famous Corsaire, as well as the Mazone, represented a real challenge in painting. The contrasts have helped to give depth to his costume despite it being all smooth without any texture. Bluish reflections on the black parts reminiscent of the nighttime the scene takes place at, metal variations on the weapons, everything has been designed to ensure true harmony in terms of colors. The painting was intended to convey the cold of the scene, the Mazone being in full metamorphosis. Their integration with the base was done by gradients drawing more and more towards a bark tint. Thus, the Mazone present on the bottom of the base is still conscious as its transformation operates. The green of her skin is still visible, but the bark texture gradually takes over. For the snow, we applied a flocking on the ground and the trees that surround the base.

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Sábado, 15 Febrero 2020

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Viernes, 1 Octubre 2021