PopSockets: Opal

PopSockets: Opal

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Use PopSockets on your Phone to get a better Grip! It can also be used to prop your Phone.

With the recent iPhone 8/X launches, we have become aware the PopSockets propriety adhesive does not adhere robustly to these new offerings from Apple, because of the glass on the backside of the phones.

Our recommendation is that if people want to use a PopSocket with their new iPhone 8/X, they also purchase a case and put the PopSocket on a nonsilicone based case. If a customer does not want to do this, we have a small disc we can supply to them to place on their phone and then place the PopSocket on the disc. The customer can make the request to our customer service department through PopSockets.com. We will start to place these discs inside the package for new orders until we get a new solution for the adhesive.

You can find more information on this linkhttps://help.popsockets.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002376512-PopSockets-for-iPhone-8-8-Plus-or-iPhone-X

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Lunes, 23 Abril 2018