Marvel: Green Goblin Premium Format Statue

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747720229396 (EAN-13)

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Articulo procedente de la colección personal de Miguel Angel Cruz. Factory sealed.

"We'll meet again, Spider-Man!"

Following the release of the immensely popular Amazing Spider-Man Premium Format Figure, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Green Goblin Premium Format Figure! 

Ever since his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #14, no other villain in the history of comics has caused Spider-Man more pain and suffering than the Green Goblin. Driven by his obsession, to the brink of insanity, the web slinger's eternal arch nemesis explodes into action on his Goblin Glider in another nefarious scheme to terrorize the city from above. Soaring ever higher on a towering column of billowing smoke, the conniving megalomaniac pauses mid-flight just long enough to seek out his next target. Composed of high-quality PVC, and polystone and striking a dastardly pose with bulging yellow eyes and a maniacal grin, you can almost hear the Goblin’s wicked cackle as he readies another deadly explosive pumpkin bomb from his ominous bag of tricks... 

Staged in an action-packed face-off against the Amazing Spider-Man Premium Format Figure, or showcased in a rogues gallery among fellow supervillains, the Green Goblin Premium Format Figure makes the perfect addition for any Marvel Comics collection!


Fecha de lanzamiento

Viernes, 17 Febrero 2017