Marvel: Black Panther Fine Art Statue

Marvel: Black Panther Fine Art Statue

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Kotobukiya proudly presents their newest Fine Art Statue based on characters appearing in Marvel Comics with Black Panther!
・Black Panther stands ready to spring into action, half crouched atop a georama baserecreating an ancient panther statue that's overgrown with foliage
・All the fine details in the Black Panther's powerful physique, flowing cape, claws, and mask are present in 1/6 scale in this beautiful sculpt by master sculptor Erick Sosa

Black Panther, also known as T'Challa, has senses and physical attributes that have been enhanced to superhuman levels. He is a brilliant tactician, strategist, scientist, tracker and a master of all forms of unarmed combat whose unique hybrid fighting style incorporates acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry. T'Challa being a royal descendent of a warrior race is also a master of armed combat, able to use a variety of weapons but prefers unarmed combat. He is a master planner who always thinks several steps ahead and will go to extreme measures to achieve his goals and protect the kingdom of Wakanda.

Product weight: 860 gram(s) 
Product size: 220 mm x 300 mm x 450 mm (LxWxH)

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Miércoles, 22 Junio 2016

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