Grendizer Vinyl Coin bank

Grendizer Vinyl Coin bank

HDR089 (Ref.)

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This is a detailed Grendizer vinyl coin bank. It includes a base and is packed in deluxe full colour window box.

Based on the anime series UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER 
Produced during the 70's by DYNAMIC PLANNING, company of the manga creator NAGAI GO, Grendizer became the Japanese anime icon of the era to nowdays. A huge hit in several European countries, especially France, Italy and several middle east countries.
The main Hero 'Duke Fleed' a.k.a Prince of Euphor manage to excape his planet invaded by king VEGA's army with one of the lastest enemy's weapon, the robot 'Grendizer'. It is on Earth that Duke fleed will find a new family and allies, with his new friends he will find ways to upgrade the 'GRENDIZER' and prepare for battles against King vega and his generals heading for our planet and installing an outpost on the darkside of the Earth's moon.

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Jueves, 14 Enero 2016