Gremlins 2: Gizmo 1:1 Scale Maquette

Gremlins 2: Gizmo 1:1 Scale Maquette

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"We told you. Remember the rules. You didn’t listen. Here they grow again." Director Joe Dante's Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), the sequel to the 1984 blockbuster Gremlins, brought back the lovable Mogwai and fiendish, destructive Gremlins in a film even more chaotic and subversive than the original. Elite Creature is proud to introduce our 1:1 scale Gizmo maquette. The intricately detailed statue stands an imposing 16 inches tall, and captures perfectly the scene of Rambo Gizmo fighting with the Gremlins at the end of the movie. This museum-quality statue is constructed from heavyweight polystone and translucent resin, then individually hand-painted to the finest detail, with glass eyes and synthetic fur all handmade to make it faithful to its movie appearance. Specifications: Approximately 16 inches in height. Approximately 20 inches in width. Exquisitely detailed paint process faithful to the original movie design. Synthetic hair mix. Handmade glass eyes. Themed base with extremely detailed melting Gremlin. LED light-up effect. Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by Art Director Steve Wang & Sculptor Miyo Nakamura. Limited in production to 500 pieces worldwide.

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Domingo, 4 Febrero 2018