Fairy Tail Natsu IKIGAI Tsume

Fairy Tail Natsu IKIGAI Tsume
Fairy Tail Natsu IKIGAI Tsume
Fairy Tail Natsu IKIGAI Tsume


This Ikigai statue of Natsu Dragneel is a rendition of the "Man & Man, Dragon & Dragon, Man & Dragon" episode from the Grand Magic Games arc. While the Fairy Tail’s hero is struggling with Atlas Flame, the latter discovers that its assailant is none other than the son of its friend Igneel and decides to join forces with him to defeat Rogue and Motherglare. Grown more powerful after eating the dragon’s flames, the Fairy Tail’s Mage uses his Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist to pulverize their common enemy. Sporting his guild’s tattoo on his arm, the Dragon Slayer pounce on the opponent, throwing his black outfit and his dragon scale scarf gifted by his father into the air. With his burning gaze, he engulfs his right fist in threatening flames in transparent yellow and orange resin propagated on the base to deliver a blow of devastating power to their opponents. We then see Igneel, the Fire Dragon King, appear behind its son with its flaming mouth, symbolizing the powerful bond that unites them. This attack, capable of razing territories, highlights the omnipotence of the Fire Dragon Slayer Magic but also the strength of the bonds it created.

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