Avatar: Jake Sully Polystone Statue

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Articulo procedente de la colección personal de Miguel Angel Cruz. Factory sealed.

Sideshow Collectibles presents the Jake Sully collectible statue, inspired by James Cameron's blockbuster film, AVATAR. Fiercely battling to protect Neytiri and the indigenous people of Pandora, the Na'vi, Jake wields an M-60 machine gun and wears an ornate Na'vi headdress. Each piece measures approximately 19 inches tall and is individually painted and finished, with outstanding attention to detail. All that Jake Sully ever wanted in his life was a single thing worth fighting for. As a Recon Marine and a born fighter, he could pass any test a man could pass. But when a spinal injury robbed him of the use of his legs, Jake's days as a warrior came to an agonizing halt. With no sense of purpose, and unable to afford the procedure that would repair his legs, Jake began to lose himself. Until one night when two agents of the RDA found him in an alley and gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. Product Size: 19" H (482.6mm) x 13" W (330.2mm) x 14" L (355.6mm)


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Fecha de lanzamiento

Miércoles, 5 Febrero 2014